How To Write An Argumentative Essay Introduction

The introductory paragraph of an essay is what draws the readers in. It prompts the reader to go through your work and find out what you have to say. You might have presented your arguments perfectly, backed with facts. But if your introduction fails to impress, your readers would never give it a chance. So how to write an argumentative essay introduction?

The introduction in an argumentative essay should be similar to the opening statement in a trial. You have to present the issues in the beginning while simultaneously presenting the background information. In the end, you have to start your main argument. The tone of the introduction throughout should be persuasive but with logic.

Of course, this is easier said than done. Some people end up coming on too strong with their introduction. This makes the readers feel that they will only hear one side of the story in the essay and hence don’t really give it a chance. Of course, the argumentative essay should contain your opinions, but you have to back it up with facts too. And your introduction should make it clear that you have done the same. How? Let’s find out.


Writing An Impressive Argumentative Essay Introduction

Before we talk about the introduction, let’s take a moment to explain what exactly an argumentative essay is. This essay comprises comprehensive research done on a topic. It requires the writer to investigate the topic in a detailed manner, collect the evidence and present it such that it favors his argument. And it all begins with the introduction.

You have to introduce your side in the introduction, leaving the readers intrigued and wanting to know more. Your introduction should make your reader excited about what you have to say in your essay. Here’s how you can make this happen.

Capture Your Readers’ Attention

Most of your work is done in the first couple of sentences. These are the essay hook and should be enough to capture your readers’ interest. Typically, people make up their minds about going through the whole essay merely by the first two sentences. So it’s vital that your argumentative essay begins with a catchy hook.

You can begin with a rhetorical question or a shocking fact. Anything that starts your argumentative essay with a touch of excitement is a good start. At this point, your goal is to stimulate interest in your readers and draw them towards your essay.


Get To The Topic

After you have managed to get your readers’ attention via the hook, it’s time to introduce the topic. You have to establish the base of what you have to say in your essay. Of course, you don’t only introduce the topic. You have to let the readers know why what you have to say is of value.

You have to make it clear that your argument holds weight and your essay serves a definite purpose and meaning. The readers should get the idea that your argument is worth listening to. You have to convince the readers that the topic is indeed significant and worthy of being talked about.

Present Background Information

Your introduction isn’t over yet. Once you have introduced the topic and explained its importance, you have to make your stand clear. But before that, give background information that will give the readers a clear indication that your opinion is backed by substantial facts.

Establish the context of your argument. The context can be anything from historical, cultural, and economical to social, philosophical, and political. This is your chance to bring your readers on the same page as you. If you are successful, your readers will be in a better position to understand your side. Learning how to write an argumentative essay introduction will depend on your ability to write a good thesis.

Move Onto The Thesis

The thesis statement is undoubtedly the most crucial part of your introduction. And when it’s for an argumentative essay, you have to ensure that the thesis statement is crisp and clear. It should explain your main argument in a detailed manner.

Keep in mind that the thesis statement of an argumentative essay cannot be a general statement. It has to be debatable since the whole point of the argumentative essay is to give readers something to agree or disagree about. You have to keep it focused on the topic and avoid being vague.

The thesis statement will set the tone and direction for your essay. It will make your stand clear to the readers, and you will then have to justify your point in the rest of your essay. Keep in mind that the thesis statement shouldn’t go beyond two sentences.


Mistakes To Avoid In An Argumentative Essay Introduction

So far, we have talked about preparing an introduction that will be a definite success with the readers. But it’s equally vital to note some common mistakes that you must absolutely avoid if you don’t want to create a poor impression. Here are some of the things you should never do.

  • Start your introduction without proper planning. This is a definite recipe for disaster. Your argumentative essay will be all over the place, and the introduction will have no clear direction if you haven’t worked on a plan and established the structure beforehand.
  • Present all your arguments in the introduction. Keep in mind that the introduction is meant to lure the readers in. It’s not the place for justifications and evidence. You have to state your main argument and not go beyond that.
  • End the introduction with a weak thesis statement. It’s the thesis statement that leaves the readers mystified and wanting to know more. If your statement is vague or unreasonable, your reader wouldn’t be inclined to read more.
  • Write a boring and lengthy introduction. Introductions are meant to be exciting and to the point. Your introduction shouldn’t allow the attention of the readers to fade away.

Prepare An Introduction That Gets The Job Done

Half of your work is done with the introduction. If it manages to impress your readers in the beginning, they are more likely to be acceptable and understanding of your arguments. So give adequate time and attention to your argumentative essay introduction, and you wouldn’t have a hard time presenting your side of the story!

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