How To Write A Good Essay Title? A Definitive Guide

An essay title is nothing short of an advertisement. It works as a billboard, forcing readers to take notice of your content. A lot of people wonder whether it’s indeed worth the effort to come up with a catchy title. Indeed! So, let’s find out how to write a good essay title?

Without a successful title, no one would be motivated to give your essay a chance. So, the goal is simple, be creative and informative with your essay title. But how? How can you ensure that your essay title inspires readers?

You can create a successful and catchy essay title by including a catchy hook and relevant keywords. The essay title must comprise the focus keyword. It’s best to write the title after completion of the essay and using the content for assistance. The tone of the title should be in line with the main body of your essay.

Of course, this can be confusing and seem easier said than done. How do you come up with a catchy hook? What good will it do if you write the essay first? Want to know more? Let’s provide you with a detailed guide on how to write an essay that wins people over.

Writing A Good Essay Title: What You Need To Know

First things first, you need to realize the importance of the essay title. Indeed, a wrong title can break the quality of your essay within minutes. If you want readers to be intrigued by your content, you have to ensure that you start on the right footing. And this is where an essay title plays a vital role.

Of course, the main text matters but every aspect of the essay needs to be top-notch to win accolades, and it all begins with the title. Here’s what you need to ensure, entice people to read your essay by piquing their curiosity with the title.

Now that we have established the importance of a good essay title, let’s shed some light on the primary components of an essay title. The title should comprise:

  • A hook line that creatively introduces the main content of your essay
  • Relevant keywords to give readers an insight into what your article will offer
  • Focus keywords that will elaborate on the crux of your essay

Here’s how you can go about the whole thing.


Complete Your Essay First

Of course, the logical way will appear to be to start with the title and then move towards the content. But in reality, the opposite approach works better for creating a good essay title. Interestingly, very few authors write the title before completing their novel.

It’s fine to have a working headline that will give you something to focus on. But only when you are done with the essay will you have a clear idea of what the appropriate title would be. Once your paper is complete and you read it, you can figure out what kind of title can intrigue the reader to read the whole thing.

Furthermore, writing the title last actually saves you quite a bit of time. People often get stuck at the title and don’t even begin to work on the essay content for hours. Naturally, research and essay writing will take up a significant amount of time. So, saving the title for the last can benefit you in more ways than one.

Think about it. What’s the purpose of the title? To give your readers a reason to give your essay a read! What better way to do that than by using the main statement of your paper in the title?

Popular Phrases Work Pretty Well

Yes, you have to create unique and eye-catching titles. But sometimes, popular catchphrases can come quite handy too. Clichés aren’t always negative. You can make a few adjustments here and there to put your own spin on the popular phrases and clichés to create an excellent title.

Let The Tone Of Your Essay Reflect In The Title

The tone of your essay title and content should be similar. You can’t have a witty headline for a serious topic. Similarly, if the essay is about your anecdotes, you can give it a humorous and catchy title.

So, while creating an essay title, make it a point to ensure that the tone of the essay and title are along the same lines.


Explain Your Essay In Minimal Words

If you are unable to think of a good essay title, here’s a tip that can work. Summarize your essay into minimal words, three at the most. And then use those words to create your headline.

What Should A Good Essay Title Deliver?

Naturally, you would be wondering how to determine whether the title you have come up with is indeed going to get the job done. What are the parameters to judge an essay title? While this majorly depends on the essay’s niche, here are some standard features that should form part of all essay titles.

  • The title should be eye-catching, which will prompt people to give it a go.
  • It needs to be believable and accurate. Don’t form a headline that seems like a blatant lie when the whole content is read. This will only make the readers feel cheated.
  • The title should be easy to read. Complicated titles will only confuse your readers and put them off your essay before they have even read the first sentence.
  • Use active voice in the title
  • Make the title concise and to the point so that it doesn’t confuse the readers. They should know precisely what they would get with your essay.
  • A good essay title will be accurate and give readers an insight into the content of the essay. Misleading the readers with headings is never going to work in your favor.

Create An Essay Title That Entices Readers!

It’s not really complicated to come up with a good essay title if you are clear about its purpose. What do you want the readers to know from the title? Once this is clear, everything will come together perfectly!

If you have problems writing or editing your assignment, help is just a click away.

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