How To Buy Essays Online? A Safety-First Guide For Students!

How To Buy Essays Online? A Safety-First Guide For Students!

Buying essays online is best described as trying to catch a fly with a fork. You know the fly is there, and you have the fork, but somehow the fly always gets away from you. Learn how to buy essays online safely and don’t get scammed in the process!

What I’m getting at is this. Finding a reputable essay writer or an essay company is extremely difficult. There are thousands of companies out there, all claiming to be “the best,” “the cheapest,” “the safest.” But, in reality, 90% of them are just essays online mills that churn out rubbish content. Worse yet, some companies or freelance writers will stoop down to the absolute lowest level and try to extort their customers with threats.

How to Buy Essays Online – A Common Sense Approach

So, how do you find your way out of this maze and find a reputable essay writing service? Well, with common sense, a bit of luck, and a lot of trial and error.

Buy Essays Online Safely

The common-sense component is pretty straightforward. Imagine you stumble upon a company that promises to deliver an Ivy League standard paper within 24 hours for a whopping $9.99 per page. Great deal, right? Wrong. Please take a minute and think about it. Would you, or anyone living in a remotely developed country work for $3.99 per hour? Definitely not. Now you’re wondering how I came up with $3.99. Wasn’t it $9.99/page?

Sure, but writers usually only get 40-60% of the gross when they write for a company. This means that the company has to pay the writer, marketing, administration, taxes, and everything else with $9.99 you pay for one page of content. Let’s push this a bit further, shall we? Imagine you’re a company owner in, say, London. Let’s also imagine you have five employees, pay rent for the office, have expenses, taxes, etc. To make ends meet with $9.99/page, your company writers would have to write 5-6 pages per hour for 10 hours straight. Every day. And that’s assuming you can pay them minimum wages. Which you can’t since essay writing isn’t as easy a job as many people think. Do you really think anyone would go for that?

Take me, for example. On average, I write 3000-4000 words per day during the hot season (Sept-Dec and March-June). After each grueling three months-long season, I need about a month off to decompress and relax else I’d burn out. Now imagine doing that same thing every day, without any breaks or days off. Not likely.

How to Avoid Scams When Buying Essays Online

In reality, almost all of the essay companies hire foreign writers to do the work. Usually, the writers are from India, Pakistan, Nigeria, or Kenya. While some of them have excellent written skills, the vast majority do not. In fact (and this is from my own experience as an ESL writer), only about 0.5% of all writers who try to compete in this market have the necessary skill to produce papers that can withstand any level of scrutiny in higher education. It is also very likely that any company that charges 5, 10, or 15 bucks a page originates from one of the abovementioned countries. Or Ukraine (don’t ask why, it’s a long story, just go with it).

How To Buy Essays Online

Legitimate companies from the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, or anywhere else will charge upwards of $30 per page (with very rare exceptions), and freelance writers who actually know their stuff will charge upwards of $25 per page. This does not mean that there aren’t good writers or companies from other countries. There are. But they are rare and hard to find among the thousands of shady setups. You might find a good newbie writer for less, but this is a one-in-a-million shot. A word of warning, though. Just because a site charges more does not mean they are a legitimate business. Always do your due diligence—test, test, and when you’ve done testing, test again to make sure.

The bottom line is: use common sense and realize that anything that looks too good to be true probably is. It’ll save you a lot of money and stress.

Trial and Error is the Only Way to Buy Essays Safely

As for the trial and error, this is where I can offer some concrete advice that’ll save you loads of cash and potentially prevent blackmail (this happens more often than you’d imagine).

  1. Never, and I mean, NEVER use your actual name, address, or any other information when placing an order. Use a burner email, burner PayPal, or whatever else. At least in the testing stage. Later, when you find a good writer, you can freely use your actual name because legitimate services want you to come back. Fraudulent services are only looking to get your cash once and then move to other unsuspecting clients.
  2. Order small, and order hard. The best way to test a writer is to give them a relatively small task (a single page will do). But, the job has to be complicated enough to require some effort from the writer. If the result is free from plagiarism, written in good English, and if it makes sense (meaning if it is on the topic you assigned), you’ve struck gold. You can now freely use that writer for larger projects. This will cost you a hundred bucks, or two hundred, but you will eventually find your writer. And you won’t get robbed, blackmailed, or forced to turn in a plagiarized piece to your teacher.
  3. Once you’ve found a writer that does the work to your liking, you are done. Congrats, you’ve just avoided the pitfalls of the essays online industry. Get yourself a latte and wait until your paper is done.

For the finale – Don’t Get Scammed While Buying Essays Online

There’s a couple of things I’d like to clear with you before ending this post. First, I am a freelance writer, and I know it may seem that I am beating my drums here, but everything I’ve written is based on my decade of experience in the essays online industry. You don’t have to believe me, that’s fine. Just remember what I’ve said when you receive that plagiarized ten-page report due tomorrow, and you start freaking out.

This post is not me trying to sell you anything. It’s my attempt to help students find their way to reputable dissertation writing services. I know many of you are struggling with work and keeping up in school, some of you are parents, some of you are already halfway through life. Whatever the reason might be for you to seek essays online writing help, this post’s advice is always going to work.

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