Ancient History- timeline of first great civilizations

Learn everything you need to know about Ancient History timeline and the different stages of development of human society; from Sumer to the Bronze Age collapse and the emergence of Classical civilizations

Why Learn What Is Ancient History?

To be a true historian, one must understand the complex developmental pathways of human civilization, starting from the earliest cultures of Mesopotamia to the Classical civilizations of Greece and Rome. Understanding Ancient history, what it means, and how it affects modern humanity is a necessity for any would be historian.

Ancient History – timeline

Ancient History – Great Civilizations

Ancient history refers to the period of recorded human history that spans from the emergence of the earliest civilizations to the fall of the Western Roman Empire, roughly from around 3500 BCE to 476 CE. During this time, significant civilizations such as Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome rose and fell, leaving behind written records and monumental achievements that continue to influence modern society and scholarship. Ancient history is characterized by the development of complex societies, advancements in art, science, and governance, and the establishment of enduring cultural legacies.

Ancient History Timeline

Ancient history spans an extensive period in human civilization, commencing around 3500 BCE with the emergence of the Sumerian civilization in Mesopotamia and the beginnings of recorded history. This era encompasses the rise and fall of major civilizations, from the magnificent pyramids of ancient Egypt and the philosophical heights of ancient Greece, to the imperial might of Rome and the complex societal structures of ancient China. The timeline of ancient history concludes with the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476 CE, marking the transition into the medieval era. This vast expanse of time, covering over five millennia, witnessed the development of intricate societies, significant cultural achievements, and profound transformations that continue to shape our understanding of the human journey through antiquity.

ancient history timeline

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