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Learn more about our team and services and why we are different from any other essay writing service in town

Who Are We​

Wordsies was founded 2012 as an essay writing service. The entire affair happened by pure chance, as a friend of a friend told the owner about essay writing, and since he is curious by nature wordsies was born.

Why Us

When you order an essay from us you are ordering from people who really love what they do and will always strive to provide top quality essay writing service, no matter the time constrains or any other limitation. If we can’t do something, we’ll be honest about it and tell you right off the bat. In short, we’ll never take money for work that we cannot deliver.

What We Do

Essay Writing Services
Dissertation Writing Services
Thesis Writing Services
Research Paper Writing
Editing Services
Resumes & Cover Letters
Admissions Essays
Course Management
Term Paper Writing
Business Plans and White papers

Our 6-step Process​



Clarify the purpose and requirements of the essay to ensure a well-focused and effective piece.



Gather information from credible sources, take notes, and identify key themes and arguments to support the essay.



Evaluate and synthesize the research, considering different perspectives and arguments, to form a well-structured and informed argument



Craft the essay, using clear and concise language, to convey your ideas and arguments in a logical and persuasive manner.



Review and revise the essay, paying close attention to grammar, punctuation, and structure, to refine and improve the piece.



Submit the final version of the essay, ensuring it meets the specified requirements and standards, to the client or intended audience.

Why Choose Our Essay Service?​

Find out why wordsies is different from other Essay Writing Services

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