How To Write A Thesis For A Compare And Contrast Essay

The importance of the thesis cannot be emphasized enough. Indeed, it’s the thesis that offers guidance to both the readers and the writer. The thesis establishes the base for the paper. And it’s vital to keep in mind that the structure of the thesis depends on the type of your essay.  So, how to write a thesis for a compare and contrast essay?

Compare and contrast essays focus on the comparison of two ideas, things or people, working towards a conclusion. The thesis statement in these essays has to convey the result of the comparison while giving readers an insight into what they should expect from it. The importance of the comparison and why it warrants attention should be clearly laid out in the thesis.

But how? Naturally, a compare and contrast essay will have a long list of similarities and differences between the two topics. How do you summarize it all concisely to make it easier for readers to grasp the main point? This is what we will elaborate on.

Structure Of Thesis In A Compare And Contrast Essay

Before getting started, let’s make one thing clear. You have to go step by step while writing any part of the essay. And the thesis is no exception. This approach ensures that you don’t miss anything out. It’s the planning before you write the main thing that determines how your work will turn out to be.  And now, let’s get started.


Prepare A List Of Similarities And Differences Of The Topic

Of course, you are comparing two things in the essay. So start by thinking about their similarities and differences. Adopt a critical approach and analyze each topic closely. Compile a list of everything that you come up with. This list will give you enough material to come up with an initial plan for your essay.

Work On The Thesis With The Similarities And Differences

Once your list is prepared, your work is easier. You have to analyze the lists to decide which side has more weight. Do the similarities outnumber the differences or vice versa? Your thesis statement should make this clear. Of course, you can include both similarities and differences in your thesis, but it should be clear which side the essay is tilting towards.

Decide The Purpose

It’s time to give your thesis purpose and meaning. You have to determine the direction of the comparison. This depends on your topic. Some topics revolve more around opinions than facts. On the other hand, others have a more specific direction and are based on facts. Your thesis should give a clear indication as to which side your essay will be leaning on.


List The Main Points

After you have outlined the direction of your essay in the thesis, present your comparison in a specific and concise manner. Analyze the two topics and arrive at a conclusion in your thesis. This will give your readers a clear idea about what to expect in your essay.

Using The Right Kind Of Words

Yes, the word choices in a compare and contrast essay are pretty specific too. For instance, such essays typically begin with conditional words before moving on to talk about the outcome of your comparison. Here’s an example.

Although online classes seem more convenient, they deprive the students of a fulfilling academic and social life that on-site classes offer.

This sentence makes your topic of comparison clear and sheds light on the side of the argument you favor.

Placement Of Thesis

Typically, the thesis statement in a compare and contrast essay should be the last sentence of the introduction. You have to build the whole thing and present the background material such that it all leads to the thesis.

This will ensure that the reader isn’t taken aback by your conclusion and understands that your comparison has both value and weight.  It will provoke readers to find out more about the subject.


Let Your Thesis Set The Groundwork

None of the readers will be inclined to read through your whole paper if your thesis fails to impress them. So ensure that your thesis presents both sides critically before eventually arriving at a conclusion. Don’t deviate from the parameters of your topic and clearly present your opinion.

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