How To Write A Good Essay Introduction

As cliché as it sounds, the first impression is indeed the last one. And this holds true for your essays too. What do you think makes a reader decide to go through your whole piece? Why is it that sometimes, readers give up trying to read even a small blog after skimming through the first few sentences while, in some cases, they are willing to give even the lengthy ones a chance? The answer lies in the power of an introduction.

Most students fail to realize the role introduction plays in captivating the readers and encouraging them to go through the whole thing. The purpose of the introductory part of an essay is simple. It should give your reader a clear idea of what they will find in your article. At the same time, it should indicate that you have a lot more to share.

Take note that essays aren’t supposed to be written like a mystery novel. The reader shouldn’t have to go through many sentences to find what he is looking for. Instead, the introduction should make it clear to him that he will find the answers in the essay. To sum it up, here’s what your introduction should do,

  • Capture your readers’ attention
  • Shed some light on the background of the topic
  • Present the central point

But how to write a good essay introduction that will intrigue the readers? It’s time to unravel the secret!

Steps To A Good Essay Introduction

It will help you significantly if you systematically go about the whole thing. Of course, the content of the introduction will vary depending on the topic. But, here are some basic steps that can help you out.

1. Grasp Your Reader’s Attention

Keep in mind that it’s the first sentence that sets the tone for the essay. So you need to give it some considerable thought. Instead of trying to impress the reader with dense and lengthy sentences, keep it concise yet catchy. The beginning should ignite curiosity in your readers.

The purpose of the beginning is to lead the reader into your essay. It’s meant to provide him with an idea about your essay content. Let them know what’s unique about your paper and how it differs from other writings on a similar topic.

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2. Convey Background Information

Naturally, your reader needs to have some context about your content. So, sharing a bit of background information is mandatory. But be careful! You don’t have to go into too much detail. The detailed content will come in the main body of the essay.

So, give your reader a brief insight into what your topic is all about and then elaborate on it in the latter part of your essay.

3. Present The Main Statement

This is easily the most vital component of your introduction. You have to sum up the content of the essay in a couple of sentences for the introduction. You have to show the readers what you want to say in those few lines.

An introduction that does not carry the central point of the topic will not win the reader’s approval.

4. Set The Tone For The Structure

A good essay is one that the reader is able to navigate through with ease. So if you are working on a lengthy piece, an excellent approach will be to end the introduction by clarifying what each part will cover.

Naturally, you have to keep it concise, but it should give your readers a clear sense of direction of what they can expect with your essay.


5. Revise And Revise Again

It isn’t uncommon for writers to sway from their main point while writing an essay. Their focus or direction changes as they continue to write. This is why many prefer to write the introduction in the end.

You can write the introduction after being done with the essay body and conclusion. This will ensure that the introduction is in line with the rest of your content. Once you are done, make sure that you go through the whole thing multiple times.

If you feel you have gotten carried away, you can make changes at the right time to bring back the focus on the given topic.

Give The Introduction Some Time

Never undermine the value of an essay introduction. More often than not, the reader will have formed an opinion on your essay based solely on the introduction. So, ensure that you give it considerable thought and cover all the points. Remember, being straightforward and concise yet catchy are the critical features of a good introduction.

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