How To Write A Good Essay Conclusion

Imagine this. You put in a lot of effort to write the perfect essay. You did plenty of research and ensured that you deliver maximum information creatively. However, towards the end of it, you rush things and fail to conclude your essay. The result? Your essay conclusion would lack the impact. All the impression you had created throughout the piece would be lost.

Most people fail to realize the value of a good essay conclusion. They feel it’s the main body of the essay which wins over the readers. While the body is indeed given the most attention, it’s the conclusion that ties the whole thing together. So how to write a good essay conclusion?

To write a good essay conclusion, you have to summarize the main content of your paper. Recall the main points that you want to convey using the introductory paragraph as a guide. The concluding paragraph should give readers something to think about.

But how do you ensure that your conclusion does not come across as merely a paraphrased version of your introductory paragraph? Let’s find out.

What To Focus On To Write A Good Essay Conclusion

Yes, conclusions are pretty challenging to write. After all, you have to round off the whole essay’s content in a single paragraph effectively. You have to ensure that the reader retains the best impression of your work and your parting words have a vital role in this.

Indeed, this can be tricky. But once you realize what factors should be a part of a good conclusion, the work becomes a whole lot easier.

Remember, the concluding paragraph is the parting shot. It’s the time to ensure that your readers get a favorable impression of the content you have presented. The conclusion should have them convinced that you have proven the points you had given in the introduction.

They should feel satisfied as they had learned what they wanted to know when they started reading your piece. Here’s how you should go about it.



Keep in mind that a conclusion should be written in a manner opposite to the introduction. Confused? While writing an introductory paragraph, you begin with generalized information before moving onto the specific topic. However, in the conclusion, the structure moves in the opposite direction. It starts with the particular topic before moving towards a generalized tone.

The purpose of the conclusion is to wrap up the essay and provide your readers with a takeaway message. You don’t have to restate your main statement but convince the readers that you have established the points you wanted to make.

Always remember that conclusion is not the place wherein you bring up fresh ideas. It’s meant to support what you have already stated in your essay. Try to summarize the topic of each paragraph in the essay body in your conclusion and wrap up all the main points. Give the readers a sense of closure while emphasizing the value of your ideas. Provide them with a fresh perspective.

The Parting Shot

Always ensure that you end your essay on a positive note. After all, you want the readers to be glad that they went through your paper. And it’s the concluding sentence that does the trick.

You can use some tried and techniques to end your essay effectively. For instance, ask yourself a question related to the article, reflect on it and then answer it in the conclusion. Ensure that you return to the central theme of the essay in your concluding note. The conclusion should bring the piece to the full circle.

Let’s give you an example. If your introduction contained a scenario, you could go back to it in your conclusion while substantiating that you have given the readers a fresh perspective of it.

Use keywords or similar concepts to enable the readers to recall what you established in the introductory paragraph.


The conclusion should contain a brief summary of everything that you have covered in the essay. But you have to ensure that you avoid repetition. You have to tie the whole thing together.

Let the readers see clearly that you have made your points with facts and examples. Give them an insight into the research that you have done for the topic. End it with a call for action, questions to ponder, or a solution to the issue pointed in the essay.


Things To Avoid In A Concluding Paragraph

There are some common mistakes that people often end up making while writing an essay conclusion which brings the whole thing down. Here’s what you should avoid while writing your conclusion.

Don’t Paraphrase Your Introduction

You would be surprised how common it is for students to copy their introduction word to word in the conclusion. This is a glaring error that will put all your effort to waste. What’s the point of repeating the whole thing? The reader would get the impression that you merely wanted to fill the words and didn’t have any real point to establish.

It’s not even only about copying the introduction. Don’t paraphrase it either. Keep in mind that the conclusion has a dedicated function that won’t be fulfilled if you repeat what you have already written in the introduction.

It’s More Than A Summary

Yes, your concluding paragraph should summarize the main content of the essay. However, it should be more than just a recap of what you have already established. Don’t make your conclusion appear redundant.  Ensure that it adds value to your piece.


Avoid Making New Arguments

While your conclusion should indeed be more than a summary of your essay, it shouldn’t contain any new arguments or contents. The purpose of the conclusion is to reflect on everything you have stated so far and not bring in fresh ideas. This will only leave the readers feeling incomplete, as though you have left out some vital information.

Final Words

The concluding paragraph is what leaves a final impression on your readers. Therefore, ensure that it makes them feel satisfied with the content they have consumed through your piece. A good essay conclusion should make the readers think that they have gained valuable information. And the structure, summary, and parting shot all need to be top-notch for this purpose.

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