Are Essay Writing Services Legal?

A lot of students need essay writing services. However, most of them have a nagging fear about reaching out and hiring essay writing services. So, are essay writing services legal? Can students get in trouble when they get help with essay writing?

The problem is, for many students, it’s not easy to handle everything. Some students work part time to cover their tuition fees, others have families or other real-world constraints. In short, they have a lot going on and are already struggling to balance their personal and college life. The added stress of writing a bunch of essays every semester can be draining and overwhelming. Moreover, not all students have writing skills that can pass muster in higher education. So what’s the solution? Yes, it’s professional writing services.

Are Essay Writing Services Legal?

Understanding The Legal Implications Of Essay Writing Services

You can get professional writers to get through this one task among the various university responsibilities. But the question remains, are essay writing services legal?

Yes, if you look at it legally, you aren’t really doing anything wrong by acquiring help in essay writing. Typically, it’s people who haven’t yet used the service who are most apprehensive. Would i be committing a legal crime if you get someone else to write my essay? This is a common internal struggle. The short answer is no, but it’s not that simple. Let’s delve a bit deeper.

You would be surprised how often this topic is discussed across various platforms. People who are against professional writing services view this as an act of cheating. But is it really that simple?

Let’s not forget, students are under a great deal of stress and pressure in universities. They have a lot going on. And so many struggle to write compelling essays. Hence, they are inclined to get some extra help. Technically, if you want to use an essay service to buy essays and submit them as is, you’re in hot water. But, there’s a workaround. If you buy an essay as an example and properly cite it, you are scot free. Why? Because using other’s work as a reference is perfectly legal and can be done in every country on the planet.

Interestingly over 40 universities in the UK signed a petition in 2018 to get the government to take measures to ban writing services. Not only in the UK, the government in the US was also pressured to do the same. However, nothing came out of these petitions, and no specific legislation was registered.

To this day, essay writing services continue to be popular among students who view this as a means not to let their subpar writing skills compromise their grades.

What Does Essay Writing Service Entail?

If you haven’t used an essay writing service before, you must be wondering how it works. Basically, essay writing services are offered by a company that presents college students with the opportunity to get their college essays written by someone else.

These companies have experienced writers on board who use their writing skills to provide the students with high-quality and original articles. You will find plenty of essay writing services online. But you can’t trust just anyone with your paper. You have to ensure the people you entrust the responsibility with are capable of producing quality content.

Students need to write essays in different subjects as per their curriculum demands. When they decide they need some help, they contact the agency and follow the required process. Every company has its own unique way of dealing with things.

Getting Help In Essay Writing: A Complicated Step

Essay writing services are definitely legal. However, how it’s perceived depends on personal opinion and bias. The thing is, they can’t be called illegal since there are no laws against them. Especially if the student does not intend to break the law when he acquires the services.

The primary purpose of students who contract essay writers is to overcome the challenges they are facing in their academic life. You can hire a professional essay writer online to help you with your work, and you won’t get in any legal trouble for this if you follow our advice.


But keep in mind, a lot of colleges and professors view these services as cheating. They consider it ethically wrong. But it’s not really cheating if you put yourself in the students’ shoes. After all, they are already on a tight schedule. They have to manage their commitments, part-time jobs, and academics.

Amidst all this, it’s natural to look for a little assistance to handle your workload. And this is precisely what professional essay writing services are all about.

Most online companies guide the students, and their work helps the students understand the subject better. So if you want to submit a quality paper but don’t have confidence in your writing skills, this is something you can consider.

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